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At Offshore Supply, we always strive to bring you the very best marine and offshore products at the most competitive prices, and you can trust us to always give you the best possible service. Because the maritime and offshore industries are so varied, product lines are regularly changed or discontinued, and as it seems a shame to just discard this perfectly good equipment we always make sure to put them into our stock of clearance marine supplies.

Sometimes, an item might be listed amongst our clearance ship supplies not because it is discontinued or obsolete, but simply as a result of us seeing a good deal that we can pass on to you. By its very nature, our collection of clearance marine supplies is always being changed, but regardless of the specifically available items you can always count on getting an efficient product at a bargain price. In fact, we’ll only list products that we know are of great practical value, and that have proven their use on many previous occasions.

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Any clearance marine supplies that catch your eye are treated just like any of our other products, meaning that you can order them easily right here on our website, and you can also expect us to deliver your purchase to the most convenient UK or European port. As a long standing ship chandler, we don’t see clearance ship supplies as an opportunity to offer you shoddy equipment or relax our customer service, so you can access some fantastic money-saving opportunities by taking a look through what we have in stock.
If you want any further information about the nature or specifications of our clearance ship supplies, please contact the professional team here at Offshore Supply. Call us now on +44 01524 862010 or email and we’ll be happy to answer any of your queries.