Gamazyme Fresh 12 x 1ltr

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Unitor™ Gamazyme™ Fresh is the latest new improved approach in odour control technology. It provides deep and effective cleaning through probiotic activity. After odour elimination, the odour-causing compounds are biodegraded by the bacteria strains. Gamazyme Fresh promotes a pleasant citrus, lemon smell.

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Unitor Gamazyme Fresh provides a powerful combination of a fast-acting neutraliser for immediate odour relief, and adapted bacteria for degradation of organic compounds.

Unitor Gamazyme Fresh eradicates odours by attacking and degrading the organic source of the odour, leaving behind a citrus scent.

4-way action:

  1. Citrus Fragrance for rapid action.
  2. Binding for capturing odour.
  3. Cleaning action by organic breakdown.
  4. Accelerated microbial degradation.

Unitor™ Gamazyme™ Fresh is a specialised bacterial formulation designed to eliminate bad odour found in garbage and waste collection areas, rest rooms, galleys, etc.



  • Water based fresh citrus/lemon odour control
  • Fast-acting environmentally friendly odour controller with the effectiveness of deep cleaning microbes
  • Available in easy to use and convenient 1 Ltr bottles


  • Rapidly neutralises and eliminates odours without relying on the use of odour masking or hazardous chemical oxidisers
  • Enhances the activity of the natural bacteria, resulting in higher rates of degradation
  • Removes odours from garbage and waste collection areas, rest rooms, galleys, etc.
  • Rapid and long-lasting term effect
  • NEW improved formulation with citrus fragrance

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