Summer Boating Tips

As we head into summer, there is nothing better than taking the boat out on the water with the whole family or a group of friends. Whether a lake, canal or the ocean, there is just something so wonderous about sailing the waves, enjoying some food and drink and relaxing in the sunshine on your very own vessel. But while boating is a great summertime activity, it can also be dangerous, and safety precautions must

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Cruises to Set Sail Again

Cruise passengers arrive to the cruise ship to check in and board the MSC Seaside Cruise Ship which sails from Cozumel to Miami.

It’s been a tough last couple of years for the cruising industry. Cruising steamed to a halt in the wake of COVID-19, with some of the first initial big breakouts occurring on cruise ships way back at the start of 2020. But with the COVID-19 vaccine being rolled out across the world and people starting to venture out again and pick up their holidays where they left off, cruising looks set to take off again.

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Post-Brexit Boating Explained

paper ship with british and european flag, concept shipment or free trade agreement and membership of eu, brexit

The UK’s departure from the EU means changes to the way boats cruise and sail in EU waters. From the EU’s perspective, the UK now has third country status without the rights to free movement that EU citizens have. As a result, recreational boats in EU waters will be treated no differently from boats arriving anywhere else in the world. If you are taking a vessel in or out of the UK’s 12-mile limit, you

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Keeping Your Boat Interior in Good Condition

Clear evening sky at sunset. Two yachts sailing. A view from the deck to the bow and sails, close-up. Baltic sea, Latvia

Regular boat maintenance is key to keeping your vessel safe and reliable, keeping repair bills to a minimum and ensuring it retains its resell value. There are fundamental elements that require constant maintenance and a few that require checking at regular intervals to ensure everything is in working order. Here’s how you can keep your boat’s interior in good working condition. Boat Engine Maintenance Engine maintenance may be left to a professional, but there are

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Onboard Health and Safety Essentials

Life buoy

There’s nothing like heading out for a day on the water by yourself or in the company of friends and family. Sailing is a way to destress and get some well-needed fresh air. Amongst all the laughter and enjoyment, it can be easy to forget health and safety essentials, especially if you frequent the waters and are confident with your sailing abilities. However, even the most experienced on a boat can get into an accident.

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Green Makeover for Ullswater Steamer

Tourists aboard the 'Raven' on Ullswater, in the English Lake District

One of the UK’s historic pleasure steamers, MY Raven, is getting a brand-new makeover to help it return to the Lake District following lockdown and give its passengers a greener, more environmentally friendly voyage. The old engines have been replaced by two new fuel-saving engines, helping the vessel to reduce fuel consumption by up to 4,000 litres a year. The new engines are also much quieter, giving passengers a more enjoyable experience all round. History

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Top 5 Boating Essentials


Boating is a great activity that can be enjoyed solo, with friends or with the whole family. Taking to the sea, the lakes, or even the lochs in Scotland, is a wonderful way to spend the day enjoying the sights and sounds, doing some fishing or just taking a break from being on land.

Winter Preparations for Your Vessel

Classic postcard view of famous Hallstatt lakeside town in the Alps with traditional passenger ship on beautiful Hallstattersee in mystical twilight during blue hour in winter, Salzkammergut, Austria

Winter conditions bring their own set of unique challenges to maintaining ships. Numbed hands in freezing conditions makes cleaning your ship hard enough – you want to be sure that the equipment that you are relying on is trustworthy and sturdy enough.

What are the Best Boat Cleaning Products to Effectively Clean Specific Areas of Your Boat?

unitor disclean

Some of the best boat cleaning products are sold by Offshore Supply. In this blog, we explain which of our products you should be using and where on your ship they are best applied, including: For the Engine and Machinery We have a lot of potential cleaners that could be used on your engines and machinery, and here are just a few: Unitor ACC Plus – It’s all in the title – this cleaner is

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Everything About Refitting and Maintaining Your Superyacht

Yacht at Sea

Maintaining or upgrading a superyacht takes time, preparation, and plenty of money. In this article, we take a closer look at what superyacht owners need to know about how to maximise efficiency on their yacht upkeep. Regular Maintenance Refitting your superyacht can be quite a chore that keeps your asset off the sea for months on end. When investing in a new superyacht, it is important that you choose (or build) a yacht with an

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