Effective Techniques to Cleanup Oil Spills

Oil spills from marine craft cause significant damage to the local environment, and every naval operator should take every step to prevent spills from occurring in the first place. However, accidents cannot be prevented forever as equipment ages and attention wanes. As a result, it is important that any vessel, large or small, has a team equipped with the knowledge of how to prevent these spills, the damage one will cause and how to clean

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Seasonal Tips to Keep Your Boat in Shipshape Year-Round

A boat on the water

Keeping your boat in perfect condition is not a one-time task but an all-year-round job. As both the weather and the seasons change, maintenance and regular inspection practices are highly recommended to guarantee smooth sailing, minimise issues, and reduce overall costly repairs. But how to take care of your vessel seasonally? In this blog, we have gathered several valuable tips and useful advice that will benefit you and your boat, whether you’re an experienced sailor

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The Power of Steam: Eco-Friendly Cleaning for Boats

A person standing on a dock holding a boat

Taking care of a boat doesn’t only mean keeping it aesthetically pleasing; it’s also about maintaining it healthy to prolong its lifespan and minimise its environmental impact. The world is experiencing a significant shift towards more sustainable practices, and the marine industry is no exception. Recently, one innovative solution gaining attention is steam cleaning, which stands out as a shining example of innovation in harmony with nature. In fact, the power of steam offers a

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How to Set Up Your Boat for Different Weather Conditions

If you are passionate about seafaring and own a boat, you know that the unpredictable nature of the open sea is something you must contend with constantly. One of the main challenges of sea life is, indeed, preparing your boat for various weather conditions as you never know what you will encounter! You could go from the heat of a sunny day to the strong winds of a storm within a few hours. In these

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Bring the Sea Life into Your Boat with Nautical Decor

A blue and white striped towel with seashells and rocks

Are you an experienced sailor or a boat enthusiast? Whichever the answer, we know that the open sea holds incredible fascination, and that’s why we can’t fault you if you’re thinking of bringing the beauty of the ocean into your boat’s interior. But how can you do that? Well, it’s easy, thanks to the so-called “nautical decor”. This interior design style lets you upgrade your living space by choosing sea-related colour palettes as well as

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Extreme Engineering: How Are Offshore Oil Rigs Built?

A oil rig in the water

Offshore oil rigs are certainly fascinating platforms: colossal and majestic, they are erected in the vastness of the open sea and stand as a remarkable testament of human engineering, blending innovation with a deep understanding of the challenges posed by their environment. To many, these awe-inspiring structures represent a continuous source of curiosity: how do they get built, transported, and, especially, erected? In this article, we aim to answer all these questions by diving into

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Protecting Marine Ecosystems: The Role of Boaters in Conservation

Fish swimming in the ocean

  Today, at Offshore Supply, we’re embarking on a journey beneath the ocean’s surface, unveiling a world teeming with biodiversity and wonders beyond imagination. Marine ecosystems, covering vast stretches of oceans and seas, are the beating heart of our planet’s ecological balance, and we should do everything in our power to protect it. However, this fragile area is facing various alarming threats, ranging from pollution to the degradation of essential habitats. As humanity’s footprint extends

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Top 10 Destinations for Sailing Adventures Around the World

boat sailing on clear waters

At Offshore Supply, we’ve navigated the seven seas, charted the most captivating routes, and are always looking for a new adventure, and we know our customers are no different. So today, we’re sharing our expert-picked top 10 destinations for sailing adventures around the world, but please note that these choices are in no particular order. It would be impossible for us to choose a favourite, but we invite you to read on, visit the locations

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Spotlight On: Unitor Marine Products

man cleaning his boat with proper chemicals

At Offshore Supply, we understand the importance of having the best marine products to enhance your boating experience. That’s why we’re excited to shine the spotlight on Unitor, one of our top-selling brands in marine cleaning, water treatment, maintenance, and safety products. Unitor’s commitment to exceptional quality and innovative solutions has made it a trusted name in the boating industry. So, in this blog, we’re exploring some of their best products and explaining how this

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The Ultimate Guide to Marine Cleaning Supplies

Overhead photograph of a man cleaning a yacht

The importance of proper cleaning and maintenance for boats and ships shouldn’t be understated. This is because good maintenance not only enhances a vessel’s appearance but also improves its performance and longevity. As experienced and trusted providers of marine supplies online, the team at Offshore Supply are here to offer quality products and excellent advice to ensure you get the most out of your cleaning materials. So, here we’ve compiled our top tips and expert

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