Deck Hardware and Marine Engine Spares

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Showing all 4 results

An Extensive Deck Hardware Range

In many ways, offshore supplies are very similar to numerous onshore equivalents, but the difference is that you always need a well stocked store, as it’s not always easy to acquire something that you want when you’re away from land. It is therefore good practice to keep a variety of marine engine spares and chemicals on board to assist in the event of a breakdown or other emergency.

At Offshore Supply, we specialise in providing a comprehensive service for the marine and offshore industries, and our marine supplies online range includes many examples of useful deck hardware and marine engine spares that you’ll find to be absolutely invaluable. We stock a wide range of chemicals, tools, steel stock, gas and welding electrodes. Products like Unitor Gamazyme 700FN to use in your sewage and waste system, Unitor Metal Grade Rebuild and Leak Stop Tape for those unforeseen emergency repairs, LH Welding Rods for welding specialised ships steel and Bacho Adjustable Wrenches for those quick maintenance jobs. We take great pride in having something for every circumstance.

High Quality Marine Engine Spares & Deck Hardware Online

Deck hardware needs to be robust. The last thing you need is to find it poorly suited for the purpose when you’re offshore, so any goods that you purchase from us, including marine engine spares and deck hardware will be of high quality and remember that in the unlikely event that you’re ever dissatisfied you can get your money back within 30 days by simply returning the item to us. We deliver to all UK and European ports as quickly as possible, and you can order anything that you need right here on our website.

Enquire About our Marine Engine Spares Today

We have been supplying ships with marine engine spares, amongst many other materials, for 158 years so we are able to anticipate the kind of situations where you might need a specific type of deck hardware. We only supply high quality items and those with a proven track record of performance. If you need any more information please give us a call on 01524 862 010 or email We will always be happy to assist with your enquiry.