Unitor AG 60

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Unitor Flux coated silver brazing rod for most metals

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Flux-coated 55% silver rod for all-purpose capillary brazing. The number one choice for silver brazing rods. All rods are supplied in 500mm for convenient use. Read the label on each container to fully identify the contents and understand the essential information for application areas and use.

AG-60 (252 2.0 x 500mm – 0.5Kg) flux-coated silver brazing rods are cadmium-free and may also be used where the joint is in direct contact with drinking water, foodstuffs etc.

High corrosion resistance, high electric conductivity, high tensile strength. These silver brazing roads can be used with Albro flux 263 PF for yorcalbro piping and AG-60/45 flux – 252 PF for other applications.


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