Unitor Electrosolv-E 25 Ltr

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Unitor Electrical marine contact cleaner

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Unitor Electrosolv-E Electric is a non-chlorinated motor cleaner for electric motors, parts and appliances.

It provides a controlled evaporation rate for cleaning and degreasing electrical equipment without the need for rinsing. In addition, it is non-corrosive, so it can be used on all normal components with no risk of corrosive damage.

This Electrosolve contact cleaner can be used to clean virtually all electrical equipment and components, though it may affect some types of plastic and rubber.

Use in a ventilated area and apply by brush, swab or as a fine spray. Use Electronsolve contact cleaner for efficient cleaning with no grease film or moisture residue.


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Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 × 46 cm

25 ltr

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