Adjustable Scupper Plugs to fit a range of diameters from 10 to 155 mm

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Scupper Plug




Scupper plugs are used for “stopping up” ship’s scuppers or pipes to prevent unwanted liquids coming in when the sea’s rough enough for scuppers to be less of a drain and more of an extra access point.. Though scupper plug materials and the precision of their manufacture has changed many times over the decades and even centuries that they’ve been in use, the core design hasn’t had to change much. Their job is the same now as it was when they were first designed; to allow sailors to control the scuppers.

Adjustable Scupper Plugs for Boats

The biggest development in scupper plugs isn’t a change in material or a minor refinement in their shape; it’s the fact that adjustable options are now available on the market. Adjustability makes outfitting your craft much easier. It also makes the job of stopping up the scuppers quicker and easier when it’s called for. That allows sailors a little extra time to get everything else done.

These scupper plugs are adjustable to fit a range of diameters. You can find the full list of sizes available here.

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Scupper Plug