Superyacht Spotlight: Musashi

Superyachts are incredible feats of art and engineering and the pinnacle of luxury. Every yacht ever created has a personality of its own, and in this blog, we’re looking at what makes the Musashi so special.

Living in Luxury: Superyachts

Superyachts on the port of Antibes, French Riviera

In today’s blog, we’re talking about incredibly expensive ships – superyachts. They aren’t just an expense, however, they’re also works of art. With the world’s most incredible engineers and architects working on these floating pleasure islands, you can expect to read about glorious designs at the height of fashion.

Ship Classification Types

ancient wooden ship

Naval ships come in all shapes, sizes, and distinctions. In this article, we’re getting passionate about the aspects a ship needs to suit specific classifications, including their intended purpose in strategic operations.

How to Recognise a Navy Uniform

Many navies around the world are distinguished by their uniforms, with the British Royal Navy having served as a template standard across the world. In this blog, we consider what distinguishes navies from around the world and the significance of their uniforms.


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Biggest Military Ships

Most navies are impressive in their own ways, but in this article, we are going to focus on some of the most imposing ships from navies around the world. We can only begin to imagine the industrial-scale operations involved in the simplest duties on these behemoths – even basic cleaning must take a while to complete on some of these ships.   HMS Queen Elizabeth Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of

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Santa Claws

Marine ecosystems are wonderful terrains filled with creatures that surface dwellers often only see on television. These fantastical creatures are often dubbed with some very strange names; of note are the aptly named blobfish, the bloater and the suckermouth, names which conjure up some fairly fantastical ideas, if you’ve never seen one before. So, here we’ll explore this theme further by using Christmas as a jumping off point for thinking about amazing fish and marine

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Eco-Friendly Boat Cleaning Advice

You’re an avid eco-warrior, but you’re worried that your current boat cleaning practices are causing harm to the Earth – have no fear, because we’re going to demonstrate which products are the best for friends of the Earth to use, as well as how often you should consider cleaning your boat. Toxicity and Biodegradation These are the two main factors that you will want to be considering, when choosing a cleaner; however, biodegradation should always

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Protect the World’s Oceans

Seals, penguins, fish and birds are all suffering from the twelve million tonnes of plastic waste that are dumped into the oceans each year; what’s worse is that while most of us are aware of these problems, we continue to do it. As ship chandlers, we want to educate people about the issue and give advice on how individuals can reduce their own plastic consumption. Let’s protect our beautiful yachting and boating experiences by cleaning

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Decoration Tips for Your Boat this Christmas

It’s that time of year again: jingle bells are ringing, Frosty’s wrapping up warm and Santa’s got his sack of presents at the ready. Christmas can be celebrated anywhere, and that includes on a boat. You might need to make adequate preparations for this holiday season’s boat decorations and we’re here to provide you with the tips you need to make your boat jolly this Christmas. Invest in Boat Cabin Supplies Christmas lights are a

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