3 of the Most Unusual Sea Creatures to Look Out For


If you have spent any time on the oceans around the world, chances are you will have come across your fair share of amazing sea creatures. Nature has a wonderful way of surprising us and this is as true on the sea or under the waves as it is on land. There really is nothing better than snorkelling in crystal clear waters to find unique looking sea creatures or spotting them from the deck.

Of course, for all the sea creatures that are seen commonly, there are lots that are more unusual. Here are just three of the most fabulous sea creatures to keep an eye out for:

1. Pink See-Through Fantasia


You just know from the name alone that this is an unusual specie, however, it has a fascinating beauty to it; partly due to the entirely see-through nature of its whole body. The pink hue also helps give this sea creature its name. Found around the Western Pacific in the Borneo region, this member of the sea cucumber family likes to call the Celebes Sea its home

2. Christmas Tree Worm


Found in the Great Barrier Reef around Lizard Island is this bizarre looking sea creature. Its name comes from the way the worm’s external breathing system looks like Christmas tree branches, sticking out of the ocean floor. A lovely bright blue in colour, it really is one of the most colourful and unusual things you can find in the ocean. Interestingly, the Christmas tree like breathing system can be withdrawn completely into the sea floor if the worm feels under attack.

3. Bioluminescent Octopus


An octopus just had to make the list, right? As one of the real natural wonders of the ocean, this variety is particularly eye-catching. It is one of the few octopus’s species that emits its own light, hence the name. Scientists think this is done to attract prey straight into its reach. Found in the Gulf of Maine, it is one very unusual yet beautiful looking creature.

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