Bring the Sea Life into Your Boat with Nautical Decor

A blue and white striped towel with seashells and rocks

Are you an experienced sailor or a boat enthusiast? Whichever the answer, we know that the open sea holds incredible fascination, and that’s why we can’t fault you if you’re thinking of bringing the beauty of the ocean into your boat’s interior. But how can you do that? Well, it’s easy, thanks to the so-called “nautical decor”. This interior design style lets you upgrade your living space by choosing sea-related colour palettes as well as marine-themed textiles, accessories, and wall art. Sounds intriguing?

At Offshore Supply, we’ve drawn upon our knowledge to share a few simple yet creative tips to bring sea life into your boat. Keep reading to sail in style!

A white pitcher and a blue and white sailboatWhy Nautical Decor?

For those who aren’t familiar with nautical decor, you’ll be pleased to know there are many benefits to this interesting design choice. For example, it gives you the opportunity to create an inviting atmosphere on board with simple touches like themed throw pillows and wall art to more elaborate choices, such as marine-themed lighting.

On top of that, using marine-inspired elements as decorations can make your boating experience more comfortable and enjoyable, resorting to “functional decor” pieces to optimise your boat’s space and functionality.

A close-up of different colours of paintA Splash of Colour Using the Right Palette

Bring the sea breeze onboard by choosing the right colours for your boat’s interior design. Opt for a palette that resonates with the sea, for example, deep shades of blue reminiscent of the ocean, crisp whites mirroring waves’s foam, and perhaps subtle splashes of red here and there to recall the beauty of corals and fish. These beautiful nuances not only bring up the unique sense of calmness that makes the sea so special but also contribute to an airy and open feel, making your boat’s interior seem more luminous and spacious.

A blue and white striped towel with seashells and rocksMarine Textiles to Add “A Stream of Comfort”

Now, let’s add some comfort and an extra touch of style to your boat. Marine-themed textiles are perfect for this purpose as they keep consistency with the creative route you’re going for and also infuse a magical sense of seaside charm into your boat’s interior. Choose seashell-patterned cushions, blue and white nautical-striped curtains and anchor-print pillows to create an ocean-inspired space. These are just a few examples; there are plenty of options to choose from. A good tip is to opt for fabrics that are durable and easy to clean so that they can withstand wear while still maintaining their appeal.

A group of anchor and lifebuoyPersonalise Your Walls with Nautical Artwork

Blank walls are like a canvas awaiting your creativity. To bring the sea to life and adorn your walls with marine-inspired beauty, you can explore various artistic options. For example, you can go for marine-themed photography capturing the full force of the ocean, vintage sailing posters depicting the old era of seafaring, or even nautical maps for that special touch of adventure. You can contact freelance illustrators for bespoke prints or artwork rather than buying them online. These pieces not only give you the opportunity to personalise your boat but also serve as conversation starters!

A steering wheel and life preserver on a blue and white striped wallOcean-Inspired Accessories for That Unique Sea Feel

Aside from your must-have boat accessories, marine-themed accessories such as decorative glass floats or lighthouse miniatures can bring an additional touch of sea feel to your boat’s interior. When carefully placed on shelves or tabletops, model ships represent an excellent choice to keep consistency with the maritime theme, allowing you to showcase your passion for the ocean proudly. Don’t underestimate the power of these accessories; not only do they take the aesthetics of your boat to the next level, but they also make you feel like a true seafarer.

A clock with a compass and rope around itCombine Beauty and Function

Functional nautical decor is extremely useful for two reasons: it improves the visual appeal of your boat whilst providing practical functions. A good example of this would be adding a compass wall clock for both style and functionality, helping you keep track of time when you’re adventuring offshore. Barometers are also tools that can be both decorative and useful, providing valuable insights into weather changes. Even adding a ship wheel to steer your boat would give it a special touch while serving as a functional element.

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