Marine Chandlery – A Guide For Every Eventuality

The world of marine chandlery is incredibly varied, and unless you find yourself at sea for any length of time you probably won’t realise just how diverse the equipment that you might need actually is. When you know you’re going on such a venture, you’ll know that you need boat chandlers like us to help you out, but you may not know just how much we can do to ensure that your ship stocks are in tip-top condition. Here is a brief overview of our product range:

Deck and Engine Range

Repair and maintenance are the names of the game for the deck and engine supplies, and everything needs to be robust in such an environment. Our own deck and engine range include…

  • Treatment products to keep your sewage or waste system safe.
  • Emergency repair components and tools, such as adjustable wrenches, welding rods or electrodes and leak stop tape.
  • Chemicals for the dispersal of problems like marine growth.

Cabin and Galley Range

The cabin or galley areas on a ship are frequently very busy, so they need to be extremely clean so they don’t represent a safety hazard. Because of that, our cabin and galley collection include…

  • General cleaning liquids for sinks, showers, tiles and the like.
  • Lime remover to deal with even major lime buildups.
  • Odour remover (especially useful within onboard accommodation).

Chemicals and Lubricants

Chemicals and lubricants are the backbones of your offshore supply stocks, and they can be relied upon to achieve a multitude of things. These things include, but are not limited to, the following…

  • Keeping your stored drinking water safe for consumption.
  • Lubricating engines or other moving elements within your ship’s construction.
  • Removing debris or other blockages from within mechanical or electrical systems.

As you might expect, there’s a lot more that could be said about our range of supplies, but one thing that is consistent is that all of them come from the very best brand names in the business. Unitor, Ferryl, Shell and Hadex are all mainstay companies that we deal with, so you can count on us to offer the very best chandlery that you’ll find anywhere.

Offshore Supply as a marine cleaning products supplier, can also efficiently deliver these products and more like marine engine spares or silver brazing rods straight to your location, thereby giving you, even more, convenience. If you’d like to find out more about our boat chandlery service, contact us now by calling +44 01524 862010or sending an email to