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There is a wide and varied range of boat cabin supplies and many can be found on this site. Before setting sail for leisure or for work offshore it pays to be well stocked up with all the necessities for the trip. Areas such as cabins or the galley are busy places on board, so it makes sense to take good care of them and to keep them clean and in good condition to protect the environment of your vessel and the safety of your crew. At Offshore Supply, we offer a wide range of galley supplies for those working at sea. For example, we can offer Teepol 310 Ships Detergent, a general cleaning liquid specially designed for the marine environment. Our wide range of Unitor chemicals include Gamazyme MSC, a marine approved product which can be used for cleaning sinks, showers, decks, tiles and bathrooms - removing obnoxious odours from drains and scuppers. Lime-A-Way Extra is a deliming liquid which will break down and remove even the most stubborn of lime build up in galley areas and in the heads. Our Unitor Uni-wash will leave any onboard accommodation smelling fresh and clean. We have a wide choice of other galley supplies and boat cabin supplies to meet your general cleaning or very specific needs. Your requirements for boat cabin supplies may vary greatly; for example, you might need a product that is simply a household cleaner or for more specialised environments we can supply bespoke marine approved chemicals to suit the most demanding jobs, so here at Offshore Supply we aim to provide a comprehensive assortment of products for you to make use of. Our website allows you to order whatever cabin or galley supplies you need online with the greatest of ease. Furthermore, if you ever buy from us and aren’t happy with your purchase, then you can also claim your money back within 30 days of receiving your order. We deliver to all UK and European ports and take pride in doing so as quickly as possible. Our sales team are extremely knowledgeable and will be more than willing to assist you in selecting the right product for your job. For more information, please contact us by calling +44 01524 862010 or emailing today