SOLAS Reflective Tape

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Marine reflective tape with the SOLAS approved mark on it.

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SOLAS reflective tape is a strong, self-adhesive marine grade tape with a removable paper backing. It meets the requirements set out by the International Maritime Organization for Safety of Life at Sea. The tape is easy to apply and can be cut to length with standard scissors.

With it, you can make your boat, life jackets, life-ring, and life rafts visible from 100s of yards away thanks to its highly reflective surface. So whether for night-time paddles or areas of high sea traffic, you can stay visible and make yourself seen at sea.

SOLAS Reflective Tape is highly flexible and resistant to saltwater, designed for use in harsh environments like extreme temperatures or when submerged in water, making it the ideal choice for marine use. Fit it to any personnel clothing or safety items to ensure visibility from a wide range of angles.


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