4 Ways to Stop Sea-Sickness

person looking over side of boat

Setting sail for exotic lands can be the adventure of a lifetime – the journey often being the most exciting part of your travels, but it would be a shame to put a downer on the whole trip if your head is hanging off the edge of the boat due to sea-sickness. The whole point of a cruise is to experience your trip from the waves, but if every rock and sway inspires the compulsion to heave then you might want to try a few methods to make your journey sail a bit smoother.

Keep a Level Head

The gut-churning reaction to feeling nauseous is to keep moving to give your brain something else to concentrate on. However, your brain is struggling as it is without you giving it mixed signals of standing up, sitting down, hanging your head and more importantly messing up your visuals.

It is thought that focussing on the level horizon is more likely to stop any sickly sensations as the brain identifies the feeling of unsteady waves whilst knowing that your feet are on solid ground. This creates mixed signals that cause the feeling of imbalance in your inner-ear, so looking straight ahead makes your brain connect the dots.

It also helps to take your eyes off things like your mobile device or book as they can convince your brain further that there’s something not right.

Settle Your Stomach

If you were lucky enough to have mastered mind over matter, then the problem may now sit in the pit of your stomach. Naturally, the to and fro motions are going to stir things up a bit, which can feel worse if you haven’t lined it before getting on board.

It may feel like the last thing you want to do when you feel sick, but eating something can give your stomach acids something to work with. Bland foods such as bread, dry biscuits and cream crackers are the recommended sailing snacks as they are generally quite dry and will reduce salivation in your mouth and the queasy feeling.

Drinks that can free you of that funny feeling include ginger or peppermint tea which are well-known ingredients used to settle an upset stomach.

Pressure Points and Pills

If you aren’t new to sea-sickness and know that it’s imminent, or if you are new to this mode of transport and want to be prepared just in case, then you can invest in anti-motion sickness pills referred to as antiemetic drugs. Hyoscine is a popular anti-sickness pill which you can get over the counter.

Alternatively, if you would prefer not to take medication then you can get hold of anti-sickness wristbands which when worn, rest against the acupressure points on your wrist which relieve nauseous feelings.

Take a Breath

Unfortunately, if your body’s reactions to the ocean’s motions are too strong, or if you’re unlucky enough to be sailing on particularly rough waves throughout your journey then all you can do is try to breathe. In-through-the-nose-and-out-through-the-mouth seems to be the most effective way to soothe a sick feeling. But if you want immediate relief, then simply force it out of your system.

It’s always helpful to be prepared just in case you are in for a rough trip, but Offshore Supply can provide you with all the necessary marine supplies to make sure your voyage is smooth sailing for both you and your passengers. Feel free to browse our range of products on our online store, otherwise contact our customer services with any queries you may have at 0845 5211939.