6 Reasons to Choose the Marina Lifestyle


Living on board your boat in a marina offers a perfect waterfront lifestyle for many people and, what’s more, you never have to worry about selling your home if you plan to move as it’s just a case of untying a few lines and moving your floating home to a new location.


Advantages of a Marina Lifestyle

Some further advantages of the marina lifestyle include:

1. You will be living in a prestigious waterfront location and don’t have to worry about the property taxes and expenses that come along with owning a home on the waterfront or marina.

2. Cleaning and maintaining your floating home takes a fraction of the time needed to clean a traditional house or apartment, leaving you more free time to socialise and enjoy your marina lifestyle.

3. You get to socialise with other live-aboard owners and can build up great friendships within the marina live-aboard communities.

4. You’ll find other live-aboard owners share your values and lifestyle interests. They will all have an abiding love of the water and many of them avoid consumerism and buying products for no reason. Many live-aboard owners embrace green lifestyle issues and conservation, while some will be entrepreneurs and run their own businesses from the yacht.

5. Crime rates within marina locations are extremely lower than comparable crime rates on land. You’ll be living in a community where everyone watches out for each other’s property and takes pride in the living environment.

6. You can cut back on all your lifestyle requirements to the fullest extent when you live aboard. Space is at a premium so all your needless property can be junked, giving you a carefree approach that transfers over to your lifestyle and the way you view life.

Living on board your boat is not the lifestyle for everyone. When weather conditions are bad and it’s cold outside, you can really miss the benefits of centrally heated homes. Take time to review all options before making a permanent decision to change your lifestyle and live aboard.

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