Living in Luxury: Superyachts

Superyachts on the port of Antibes, French Riviera

In today’s blog, we’re talking about incredibly expensive ships – superyachts. They aren’t just an expense, however, they’re also works of art. With the world’s most incredible engineers and architects working on these floating pleasure islands, you can expect to read about glorious designs at the height of fashion.

Superyacht Facts!

The superyacht is quite a modern creation, although the rich and famous throughout history have always had a fascination with possessing the best and biggest ships. However, did you know that the superyacht is often misspelt as two words – superyacht – and may be referred to as a ‘giga-yacht’ or a ‘mega-yacht’?

Superyachts have been a big business for decades now, and many will be celebrating at the 26th Superyacht Forum in Amsterdam over the 18th—20th November 2019. Due to the huge amounts of money being spent on these projects, it is vital that the superyachts currently being designed are at the cutting edge of technology, to ensure that they don’t become outdated during their construction. This outlook has led to The Superyacht Forum’s theme for 2019 to be ‘Building for the Next Generation’, and therefore dedicating a year of thought leadership on the ships that will sail generations X, Y and Z.


Superyachts and Style

One of the most interesting things to keep in mind when studying the design of a superyacht is that each one tends to reflect its purchaser’s interests. With the superyachts that we discuss in this blog, you should think about how the materials used in the décor blend (or contrast) with the overall design of the ship. Think about which features and rooms are most important, and the level of detail that has gone into thinking about how staff and guests alike will move through the vessel and how to maintain it perfect clean with marine cleaning products.

The superyacht is a symbol of its owner’s (and designer’s) attention to detail and can sometimes give an insight into their daily lives and priorities. Next, we’ll look at some superb superyacht concepts that might inspire your next seaworthy expenditure.

Inside a beautiful Yacht. This is what you get for the money

Black Swan Superyacht

An exquisitely modern ship that can cut through the ocean like a knife; the Black Swan is the creation of famous designer Timur Bozca. The design blends luxury with modern simplicity. For example, the Black Swan has delicate curves and a minimalist structure, but this only serves to emphasise the high-quality materials and mathematical precision undertaken in the ship’s construction (and maintenance).


The designer aimed to create a dramatic aerodynamic exterior like no other, and using the arrow as his inspiration, Bozca has certainly succeeded with the Black Swan design, which is now famous amongst superyacht enthusiasts and won him the 2015 award for Young Designer of the Year.

The ship includes a breathtaking pool on the sundeck, which is the focal point of this gorgeous vessel. Sadly, the luscious Black Swan currently remains a concept-only yacht, though Bozca is still crafting sleek new designs to inspire a new generation of yacht-enthusiasts, such as the Oceanco Esquel.


Ulysses Superyacht

Unlike the Black Swan, the Ulysses has made it out of the concept phase and is firmly settled on the high seas. The ship required four years of construction, including testing, and is now splitting the Earth’s oceans in search of new and fantastic experiences.


While the Black Swan is considered a Bond villain’s paradise, the Ulysses is a dream come true for an indulgent thrill-seeker. The Ulysses comes complete with no less than six motorbikes, a helicopter and a support boat and more. It differs from the Black Swan in almost every way – where the Black Swan drifts surreptitiously into harbour, the Ulysses hunkers down and loudly announces, ‘I’m here!’. Distinct in their own ways, these ships are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to superyachting.


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