Ship Waste Management – Brand Spotlight

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In this blog, we’re looking at how Gamazyme products can improve your ship cleaning routine. These tough cleaning agents have helped thousands of ships to keep clean and hygienic, but to get the most out of your investment you need to know how to use them.


The Advantages of Using Gamazyme Products

These marine cleaning products are designed to be safe and effective solutions for your ship’s drain lines and sewage. Keeping your ship’s sewage systems working is extremely important, as faults here can impact the rest of the ship very quickly. Sewage problems cause bad odours and poor hygiene, which can lead to poor morale and ill health at sea.

There are strict regulations regarding how a ship should look after its sewage, so it is important to consider more than simply keeping the crew and its guests happy and healthy. Annex IV of MARPOL specifically states that ships must not use products that kill the bacteria required for the effective decomposition of sewage. This means that you need to source a respectable brand of cleaner, such as Gamazyme.

It is well known that probiotic cleaners are also a better return on investment than their toxic counterparts. They do not need to be applied as often, and because of this they reduce labour costs.


How Does It Work?

This brand’s products contain their own helpful bacteria cultures to help speed along the process of sewage degradation. These bacteria are used to digest and process organic fats and grease which reduces the chance of blockages in your drain lines.

These microbial solutions are also effective at providing odour control. The solutions penetrate through the pores of the surface waste to consume any residual organic decaying substances that might be causing foul smells.

When there is no more living organic waste for the microbes to consume, they die of starvation. This is a harmless process for your ship’s lines, as well as being kind to ocean cultures.

This has a positive side-effect for maintaining good health on your ship, as the good bacteria in Gamazyme will be in competition with any bad, diseased bacteria lurking in your sewage lines. When Gamazyme’s good bacteria are eating themselves into starvation, they’re simultaneously depriving the bad bacteria from thriving in your waste.


Does My Ship Need These Products?

Sewage blockages are fairly common on ships, as it is necessary to have long horizontal pipes to carry the sewage away which means that there are limited forces of gravity to help the sewage on its way. The rolling of a ship at sea is also likely to cause trouble for a ship’s sewage lines, as the tipping of a ship can push sewage back the wrong way, causing it to clump up and cause blockages – not only can this make it hard to identify the location of the blockage, it can also mean that entire rows of cabins have to do without appropriate waste control until the blockage is found and fixed.

Using Gamazyme Unitor products can help to prevent this problem from occurring.




Which Products Do I Use?

With so many different solutions to choose from, you might be unsure which will provide you with the best coverage on your ship. Here’s a handy table to help you to understand:

Sewage Treatment

Gamazyme 700 FN

Gamazyme Digestor

Gamazyme DPC (Drain & Pipe Cleaner)

Galley Areas

Gamazyme Digestor

Gamazyme DPC (Drain & Pipe Cleaner)

Gamazyme BOE (Biological Odour Elimination)


Gamazyme DPC (Drain & Pipe Cleaner)

Gamazyme BOE (Biological Odour Elimination)

Gamazyme MSC (Multi-Surface Cleaner)

Gamazyme BTC (Biological Toilet Cleaner)

Gamazyme TDS (Toilet DeScaler)

If you have any further questions about our products and how they can help your ship, we urge you to get in touch with a member of our ship chandler team and we’ll help to solve your queries as soon as possible.