Top 5 Superyacht Mariners


There are many beautiful marinas worldwide, from the smallest moorings with modest but beautiful backdrops to the largest fleets in the most opulent locations around the globe.

Only a fine collection of these marinas will cater for the incredible superyachts owned by the richest of the world’s population. And as a company that offers high-quality marine supplies such as our marine tape and deck hardware for even the largest of ships and yachts, we love to explore the world of superyachts.

Owning a superyacht is a feat achieved by the top 1.95% of ultra-high net worth individuals worldwide. With only 5,376 on the waves to the current date, your chances of spotting one on the oceans is a scarce occasion. However, if you are tempted to find one moored up, these luxury marinas are the most likely places to find them.

The Italian Luxury

On the island of Capri is where you with find Marina Grande, the most expensive marina in the world. Surrounded by beautiful cliffs and colourful buildings, this marina can cater for up to 300 berths and has the capability to moor superyachts up to 60 meters or 197 feet.

Encircled by some of the most elegant hotels and restaurants in Italy, with the most spectacular views in the world, this marina will regularly be a temporary home to some of the most stunning and luxurious superyachts.

Exclusivity in Genova

Having only 14 berths for superyachts, Marina Di Portofino is possibly one of the most exclusive marinas in the world. The daily cost for berthing at this marina is €2,000, and mooring will require booking months in advance.

Before becoming a place for the richest of the world’s elite, this marina was initially a humble fishing town but now claims to be the world’s eighth wonder. It is managed by the Italian Navy and prides itself on exclusivity with access only from a single track, allowing visitors,  including the likes of Steven Speilberg and Rianna, the privacy for an enjoyable stay.

Spain with Sumptuousness

With Barcelona being known for its regular visitors of fame, Port Vell has become one of the newest to join the locations for superyacht owners. The port was initially built for the purpose of the 1992 Olympics as part of an urban renewal program. It is now one of the city’s biggest tourist attractions, with 16 million visitors a year.

With stunning views of the city and incredible beaches nearby, this marina’s popularity is no surprise. Due to its vast size, Port Vell is categorised into three sections: the commercial port, the logistical port and the old port, and incorporates a swing bridge for entering and exiting the moorings. It has an impressive facility to berth up to 148 and can cater for superyachts up to 190m.

Feeling Fancy in France

Due to its heritage, Port De Saint Tropez is one of the most famous marinas globally. With 734 moorings divided into two basins, it is a hotspot for the captains of industry. The surrounding village is complete with lavish top-end boutiques, exquisite restaurants and a nightlife famous for the world’s elite.

The port offers an exclusive 18-carat gold VIP member’s card engraved with either the owner or boat name. As a member, it allows you to book six days in their peak season, access their private club, the Saint-Tropez Lounge in the Harbour Master’s Office and access the car park on the harbour wall.

Whilst famous for its lavish lifestyle, there is plenty of heritage to be discovered within Saint Tropez. It is rich with museums and galleries dedicated to the town’s history, including the tremendous maritime museum, which explains the port’s part in the area’s development.

Abu Dhabi’s Opulent Amenities

If we are discussing the most elite of the world’s population, it would be difficult not to mention Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the world’s wealth. Yas Marina established itself as the leader of the Middle-Eastern location for both mega and superyachts and offers the ability for 150m superyachts in its 227-berth marina.

It is possibly most famous for its Yas Marina Circuit, home to the annual Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and has been developed specifically as a hotspot for luxury tourism. The port offers track views and licenced restaurants with high-quality dining—ideal for the motorheads of the world with a palate for fresh seafood and other thrill-seeking activities.

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