When Did the Yacht Become A Luxury Vessel?

Luxury Yacht

Ever wondered when yachts became the symbol of luxury they are today? They did not start off as luxury vessels to transport the wealthy. In fact, their origins are a bit humbler than that and can be traced back as far as the 17th century.


Where Did Yachts Come From?

The word yacht is derived from the Dutch word ‘jacht’ which means hunt. This being because the Dutch navy would pursue pirates and similar other privateers. This was able to be achieved because yachts were seen as being light, fast-sailing vessels.

These vessels were able to follow their targets into shallow waters due to their nimble design. The turning point for the yacht was in 1660 when King Charles II of England sailed from the Netherlands to England for his restoration to the throne. As a result of his mode of transportation, yachts were considered to be the boat of the wealthy, therefore the evolution of the yacht began and it has become the boat that we recognise today.

Where Are Yachts Now?

In the 21st century, yachts have evolved to become some of the most luxurious and expensive investments that you can make. The size can range from moderate to ostentatious depending on the needs and requirements of the buyer.

They are a sign of wealth and status and are often only enjoyed by those who are afforded a luxury lifestyle. Designed for ultimate pleasure these stunning examples of maritime architecture showcase the brilliance of man’s desire to achieve. There are many different types of yachts now available, all for differing purposes.

What Types Are There?

The smallest yacht is a Day Sailing yacht which is designed purely for a sailing trip and has no accommodation for an overnight stay. Weekender, Cruising and Luxury sailing yachts are designed for both sailing and leisure.

Increasing in size, these vessels can accommodate an overnight stay for passengers from two to a dozen or even more. You can sail the seas whilst enjoying the comforts that are included in the yacht of your choice.

Finally, there are Racing and Propulsion yachts. These vessels are created for the purpose of sport. The Racing yacht relies entirely on wind power whereas the Propulsion is a hybrid of both sails and an engine. Whatever style you prefer, whether it be for sport or leisure, you are guaranteed to find the yacht for you.

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