A Complete Glossary of Common Nautical Terminology D-L

As a company that provides maintenance equipment for marine vessels, Offshore Supply understands the importance of proper communication and understanding of nautical terminology. In the marine industry, it is crucial to use the correct language to communicate effectively, especially when dealing with critical situations at sea. Therefore, as experts in marine supplies online, we have continued from our previous blog with a complete glossary of common nautical terminology from D-L. Whether you are a seasoned

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A Complete Glossary of Common Nautical Terminology A-C

Nautical terminology has been used for centuries as a universal language among seafarers. Many nautical terms and expressions entered the English language during the 16th and 17th centuries, as English became the dominant seafaring language. The Royal Navy, in particular, played a crucial role in developing and standardising nautical terminology, with its official publications and manuals on seamanship and navigation. As a boat or ship owner, it is essential to understand the nautical terminology as

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10 Superyacht Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About

Superyachts have long been a staple for the most wealthy, and many people marvel at their design, grandeur, and price tag. But how much do you know about the vessels behind the price tag? As a leading supplier of marine products in the UK, we work with many superyacht maintenance teams, and so we will reveal ten superyacht facts you probably didn’t know about. What Is a Superyacht? First, let’s examine the difference between a

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The Most Popular Cruise Lines (and Why)

Life is always nicer when you have a holiday to look forward to, so why not make this year a year to take a cruise? With so much of the world to see, a cruise offers the best way to see the world one nautical mile at a time. As leading marine suppliers online for all things to keep even the most extensive ship sailing smoothly, we explore some of the best world-class cruise liners.

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Giant Naval Ships: How They Get Their Names

Ever wondered about the rules of naming naval ships? Well, essentially, there isn’t any formal rule. However, how they do get their names is one that historians have pondered for many centuries. As a leading supplier of marine products in the UK, we explore the importance a name has for a vessel, the historical naming of ships and the importance the royal family plays in the British Navy. Following our previous blogs about how a

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How Do Large Ships Float?

Large ships command the seas, are built to withstand extremely challenging weather conditions in stormy waters, and can carry thousands of tonnes at a time. However, the concept of a gigantic ship floating on water can only be explained by science. As a leading supplier of marine products in the UK, we are interested in how these magnificent vessels work. From how big ships are made to how they float, we need to know this

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Giant Naval Ships: How They Are Made – Materials


Naval ships are impressive vessels. Commanding the seas worldwide, they require strength and durability. Alongside this, the most imperative component is their ability to float effortlessly on the waters. Previously we covered where naval ships were built and how long it took, but when it comes to the actual construction, there are various materials used to ensure the safety and stability of these giant naval ships when carrying out their work. As an online chandlery,

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Giant Naval Ships: How Are They Made

Naval Ship on the sea

Naval ships have been the guardians of the seas for centuries. Before motorised vehicles, commercial airlines, and the world connecting train lines, travelling across the globe was by sea and sea alone. However, one of the downsides to open waters, especially for a nation whose borders are entirely coastlines, is the possibility of criminal activity. Thankfully, the Royal Navy is at hand to monitor the ever-growing busy seas for the UK. Monitoring these waters requires

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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Superyacht?

two yacht parked at night with lights

Superyachts are the epitome of luxury and wealth, with only 5,376 on the waters. The most expensive of the vessels is owned by Robert Kuok and is worth a jaw-dropping £3.9 billion. Its master bedroom features an impressive statue made with genuine bones from a tyrannosaurus rex and the yacht is built from solid gold. As marine suppliers online, we can supply marine engine spares for any sized vessels, including superyachts, megayachts and regular yachts,

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Top 5 Superyacht Mariners


There are many beautiful marinas worldwide, from the smallest moorings with modest but beautiful backdrops to the largest fleets in the most opulent locations around the globe. Only a fine collection of these marinas will cater for the incredible superyachts owned by the richest of the world’s population. And as a company that offers high-quality marine supplies such as our marine tape and deck hardware for even the largest of ships and yachts, we love

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