Top Tips for Boat Cleaning

man cleaning a deck boat with water

They say a man’s home is his castle; the same can be said about his boat. It is a gleaming testament to the passion and love for the ocean that burns within, it can often be said to be your pride and joy. So, why would you let something so special and sacred become anything less than sparkling? A dirty boat is an unloved boat, so don’t let it happen. Marine cleaning products are the perfect solution for you!

It might seem like a lot of effort, but frequent cleaning can actually reduce the amount of time you need to put into the maintenance of your boat. It also means you will look ship-shape no matter the occasion!


As with most things, the method that you employ in order to clean your boat is very important as it will help speed up the process and make your cleaning much more efficient. Let’s be honest; cleaning isn’t anyone’s favourite activity, so getting it over with quickly is the preferable course of action. You should always start at the top of your boat and make your way down. This means that you have the most energy and enthusiasm to insert into the most difficult part of the job, you want to be sharpest when working at height after all. Then, working on the deck itself you should start from the bow and work towards the stern.

Consider the Conditions

Those are just some basic guidelines, however, as you must also take into account the sun and wind as you work. As a standard, you should clean your boat in reasonable weather. Cleaning your deck during a hurricane is rather counterproductive, after all.

If the wind is coming strongly from one direction, for example, it might be an idea to start upwind going downwind. This way the surface you just cleaned is not simply getting wet all over again. Also, if the sun is shining and bearing down upon you then you must also aim to work quickly. For one thing, your water will dry too quickly along with the soap, which will make the task of cleaning it that much harder. But, you also want to avoid the sunburn and dehydration which comes from spending too much time in the sun.

The Right Product

Finding yourself afloat, your boat getting dirtier and dirtier, without a thimble of cleaning product? Not an ideal situation to find yourself in. Don’t settle for any old detergent, cheap but unable to clean a thing is almost as bad as having nothing at all in the first place. Don’t be stingy on anything when it comes to boating, it is all vital on the open sea! You will thank yourself later!

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