What Do People Eat in the Navy?

NAVY BREAKFAST scrambled egg on english muffin with spring onion

You are what you eat, some say, and the navy certainly understands the importance of a nutritionally good diet. In this blog, you can learn about the foods involved in feeding navy forces in the UK and USA, as well as part of the processes behind it. British Navy The British Navy seeks to construct its meals from a range of ingredients, but it lends special weight to certain requirements. According to the Ministry of

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Superyacht Spotlight: Equanimity

Monaco view

Equanimity is a superyacht surrounded in scandal; once owned by the super-rich Low Taek Jho, this superyacht was lost to the Malaysian government for many months after Jho became a fugitive and his assets were repossessed to attempt to fill the hole of money that Jho had embezzled from the infamous 1MDB fund. Dimensions The ship was built by Oceanco (a company based in the Netherlands) in 2014 with 1 billion RM. Its maximum speed

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Underwater Welding and Why It’s So Important

person in submarine looking underwater

Underwater welding is an extreme career; it’s dangerous, exhilarating, it pays well, and sometimes it’s a vital aspect of maintaining a ship’s health, but it takes a long time for an individual to train as an underwater welder. In this blog you can learn about underwater welding, its uses and how one might become a welder. Hyperbaric Welding This is the more official name for the act of underwater welding, and It refers to the

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Superyacht Spotlight: Musashi

Superyachts are incredible feats of art and engineering and the pinnacle of luxury. Every yacht ever created has a personality of its own, and in this blog, we’re looking at what makes the Musashi so special.

Living in Luxury: Superyachts

Superyachts on the port of Antibes, French Riviera

In today’s blog, we’re talking about incredibly expensive ships – superyachts. They aren’t just an expense, however, they’re also works of art. With the world’s most incredible engineers and architects working on these floating pleasure islands, you can expect to read about glorious designs at the height of fashion.

Ship Classification Types

ancient wooden ship

Naval ships come in all shapes, sizes, and distinctions. In this article, we’re getting passionate about the aspects a ship needs to suit specific classifications, including their intended purpose in strategic operations.

How to Recognise a Navy Uniform

Many navies around the world are distinguished by their uniforms, with the British Royal Navy having served as a template standard across the world. In this blog, we consider what distinguishes navies from around the world and the significance of their uniforms.